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Europe in figures - Eurostat yearbook 2009 (with CD-ROM)

Europe in figures - Eurostat yearbook 2009 (with CD-ROM)

Europe in figures – Eurostat yearbook 2009 – presents a comprehensive selection of statistical data on Europe. The yearbook may be viewed as an introduction to European statistics. Most data cover the period 1997–2007 for the European Union and some indicators are provided for other countries such as candidate countries to the European Union, members of EFTA, Japan or the United States (subject to availability). With just over 500 statistical tables, graphs and maps, the yearbook treats the following areas: the economy, population, education, health, living conditions and welfare, the labour market, industry and services, agriculture, forestry and fisheries, international trade, transport, the environment, energy, science and technology and Europe's regions. This edition's spotlight chapter covers creativity and innovation – the theme of the European year 2009.

Europe in figures is divided into an introduction, 16 main chapters and a set of annexes. The main chapters contain data and/or background information relating to particular topics, starting with a spotlight chapter on creativity and innovation. Each subchapter starts with an introduction containing background information and policy relevance, followed by some details regarding definitions and data availability and then a commentary on the main findings. The main focus of each subchapter is a set of tables and graphs that have been selected to show the wide variety of data available for that particular topic; often these include information on how important benchmark indicators have developed during recent years within the EU, its Member States and the euro area. Users will find a great deal more information when consulting the Eurostat website, which contains subject-specific publications and online databases. The annexes at the end of the publication contain details of classifications, a list of statistical symbols, abbreviations and acronyms, and a subject index.

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Release date: 18/09/2009

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