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null Handbook on prices and volumes measures in national accounts

The measurement of prices and volumes in national accounts relates to the decomposition of transaction values in current prices into their price and volume components. This handbook intends to provide a complete discussion of the issues involved in measuring prices and volumes, from the general principles to the deflation of individual goods and services. This handbook is an update of the 2001 handbook on price and volume measures (based on ESA 95) bringing it into line with the new requirements of the European System of Accounts 2010 (ESA 2010). It is fully consistent with the principles of ESA 2010, and is intended to elaborate that framework.

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Release date: 08‑02‑2016

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Product Code: KS-GQ-14-005
ISBN: 978-92-79-37859-1
ISSN: 2315-0815
Digital Object Identifier (DOI): 10.2785/53279
Theme: Economy and finance
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