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Experimental statistics use new data sources and methods in an effort to better respond to our users' needs.

Eurostat has published the following data as experimental statistics:

  • EU inter country supply, use and input-output tables
  • Food price monitoring
  • Income & consumption: social surveys and national accounts
  • Income, consumption and wealth
  • Income inequality and poverty indicators
  • Labour market transitions
  • Multinational enterprise groups
  • Quality-adjusted labour input
  • Quarterly enterprise registrations and bankruptcies
  • Services trade by enterprise characteristics
  • Skills mismatch
  • World heritage sites

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As these statistics have not reached full maturity in terms of harmonisation, coverage or methodology, they are always marked with a clearly visible logo and accompanied by detailed methodological notes.

Explore the dedicated section and use the ‘Send us a message’ function (available in each sub-section) to give us your feedback on how to improve our experimental statistics.


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To learn more about experimental statistics produced by the national statistical institutes of the European Statistical System (ESS), please visit the ESS experimental statistics hub.


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