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Looking for help to understand statistics? Or are you a teacher wanting to present statistics in a fresh and motivating way? Then you should visit the Education corner on the Eurostat website.


Screenshot: Education corner - for teachers and students


The Education corner is a section of the Eurostat website that provides thought-provoking resources designed to help develop your understanding of statistics. Here, you can find Statistics 4 beginners, where statistical indicators and concepts are explained in a simple way. 


Screenshot: Statistics for beginners


Among the educational tools, you can find attractive and easy-to-use visualisation tools, which can easily be integrated into classroom lessons or accessed by students at home. Furthermore, you can access videos that provide an overview of several statistical domains and put your knowledge to the test by completing the accompanying exercises. 


What if you want to know more about education in the EU? 
Eurostat has data on a range of related topics such as participation in education and training, learning mobility, education personnel and finance, outcomes and language learning. For access to the full range of resources and datasets, visit the dedicated education and training section on the Eurostat website.


Screenshot: Education and training - Overview

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