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null Main EU trade partners in services in 2019: the USA and the UK


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In 2019, exports of services by the European Union (EU) of 27 Member States to countries outside of the EU were valued at € 1 055 billion, while extra-EU imports were valued at €982 billion. This information comes from data on EU trade in services published by Eurostat today.

Over the last decade, the EU trade in services balance rose from €65 billion in 2010 to a peak of €131 billion in 2018 before falling back to €73 billion in 2019.

EU International trade in services with non-member countries - from 2010 to 2019


Source dataset: bop_its6_det

USA and the UK: leading trade partners

In 2019, the EU’s leading trade partners for services were the United States and the United Kingdom. The United States was the destination for almost a fifth (19%) of the services exported from the EU Member States and was the origin of almost a quarter (23%) of the services imported into the EU from non-member countries. The United Kingdom closely followed (21% of extra-EU exports and 18% of extra-EU imports of services), ahead of Switzerland (11%, 7%).

Top partners for EU international trade in services_2019 data​​​​​​​


Source dataset: bop_its6_det

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