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Eurostat has released a new visualisation tool for businesses, trade associations and policy makers: the Business Sector Profile (BSP).

The BSP contains sector-specific profiles showing the short- and long-term developments of indicators such as revenues and expenses, labour, investment and technology, prices and productivity, product market, entrepreneurship, and international business. It also includes detailed information by size class of enterprises, where available. Both production as well as service industries are covered.

This brand new dissemination product is part of Eurostat’s strategy to facilitate users’ access to the wealth of statistical information available on European businesses. It brings together data from various sources in one common dashboard.

Access the tool by clicking here to see a selection of indicators and choose the business sector and country of your interest. The tool is currently supported in Chrome and Firefox browsers:

BSP tool

Further good news is that a new Regulation on European business statistics will enhance the availability of data for better measuring economic globalisation, global value chains as well as services. It will also improve data consistency in business and trade statistics. We are now at the last stages of the adoption process and expect the Regulation, which will be applicable from 1 January 2021, to be published in the Official Journal before the end of 2019.

Try our tool and give us your feedback here. Your feedback is highly appreciated and is an important input in further developing the tool, making it as user-friendly and useful to you as possible.

Further information:

Additional business and trade statistics as well as further explanations on the indicators covered by BSP can be found under the themes:

  • Industry, trade and services
  • International trade 
  • Science, technology and digital society

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