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The updated version of “Basic figures on the EU” is now available. This publication gives a brief overview of the most recent data available in the third quarter of year 2019. It answers questions such as:

  • What is the latest employment or unemployment rate? Is it higher or lower than 10 years ago?
  • Are greenhouse gas emissions increasing or decreasing? How have these emissions evolved over the years?
  • In your country, is government spending larger than its revenue?
  • How dependent is your country on energy imports?

Basic figures on the EU, Q3 2019


To give readers a better overview of the data available in Eurostat’s database, each edition of Basic figures on the EU introduces other, less known indicators. In this edition, they are 'Share of energy from renewable sources' and ‘Energy dependency'.

This short guide includes information for the EU, the euro area, the EU Member States and the EFTA countries.


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