SDGs & me: Life on land


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In an EU context, the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 15 'Life on land' focuses on progress made in improving the status of ecosystems, in decelerating land degradation and in preserving biodiversity.

Visualise your country’s situation

Do you know how much land in your country is covered by forests? Or how many square meters per capita are covered by man-made surfaces such as buildings, roads, etc.?

The visualisation tools in our new interactive digital publication ‘SDGs & me’ will help you to easily explore and evaluate the situation of your country and compare it to others. Select your country from in the header below and choose different indicators of SDG 15 to find out more:


This news is published on the occassion of World Soil Day, which takes place every year on 5 December. To know more about this day, please have a look at the website of the United Nations.

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