SDGs & me: Decent work and economic growth


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In an EU context, the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 8) 'Decent work and economic growth' focuses on progress made in fostering sustainable economic growth, in increasing employment and in providing decent work opportunities.

Visualise your country’s situation

Do you know how the employment rate has evolved in your country since 2001? Or how many people have been unemployed for more than 12 month?

The various visualisation tools in our new interactive digital publication ‘SDGs & me’ will help you to easily explore and evaluate the situation of your country and compare it to others. in the header below, click on the field 'Country' below to add more countries to the chart and on 'Indicator' to choose a different indicator of SDG 8:


To know more about the situation in the EU as a whole, have a look at our infographic:

SDG8 infographic EU

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