Explaining the European economy in the classroom


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Summer is over and the school year starts again! In recent months, Eurostat has developed a number of innovative tools which can support teachers when explaining the European economy to their students.

Have a look at the following products:

Do you want to test the knowledge of your students in a fun way? Go to our interactive visualisation where you can guess the recent development of six different economic indicators:

Visualisation tool to compare forecast and actual GDP figures


Do you want to show the disparities of household income in Europe? Go to our interactive visualisation where you can see the income differences between households:


Do you want to explain the main changes in the European economy in the last 20 years? Have a look at our recent digital publication "The European economy since the start of the millennium" which contains easy explanatory texts and interactive visualisations:

Link to the interactive visualisation on the EU economy since 2000


Do you want to explain statistical concepts and economic vocabulary in a clear way?

Then go to "Statistics 4 Beginners" where statistics are explained in a very easy way, aimed at pupils in upper secondary education:

Link to Statistics 4 Beginners visualisation tools


Do you want to explain how to calculate one inflation rate when there are so many different products and price changes? Maybe this video can help you:


Or if you want to explain what is included in GDP try this video:



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