Peace, justice and strong institutions in your country


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The United Nations' sustainable development goal (SDG) 16 'Peace, justice and strong institutions' aims at promoting peaceful and inclusive societies based on a respect for human rights, protection of the most vulnerable, the rule of law and good governance at all levels. It also envisions transparent, effective and accountable institutions, which promote non-discriminatory laws and policies, combat corruption, bribery and organised crime and prevent violence, terrorism and crime.

In the EU, the monitoring of SDG 16 focuses on examining the progress made in ensuring peace and personal security, in promoting access to justice and in safeguarding effective justice systems.

How is your country doing in this regard?

Find out with our easy and user-friendly graphic below. Compare your country’s progress over time with other Member States. Choose from a range of indicators, such as the homicide rate, corruption index, the share of people who have confidence in the various EU institutions, and the reported occurrence of crime or violence.

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