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The car is the dominant form of inland transport in all Member States compared with journeys by train, coach or bus. In 2018, travel by car accounted for 82.9% of passenger-kilometres across the European Union (EU), compared with 9.3% for coaches, buses and trolley buses, and 7.9% for trains.

Among the EU Member States, the highest proportion of passenger-kilometres travelled by car was in Lithuania (90.4 %). For train travel, Austria had the highest proportion of passenger-kilometres (12.9%) and for coaches, buses and trolley buses, Hungary had the highest proportion (20.8%).

However, this picture may look different in 2020 as a result of the confinement measures and travel restrictions introduced by the EU Member States as well as changes in personal preferences following the COVID-19 outbreak.


EU citizens on the move, 2018

Source dataset: tran_hv_psmod


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