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Among the 5.1 million deaths reported in the European Union (EU) in 2016, over 609 000 were due to coronary diseases, which include heart attacks. Nearly 90% of these deaths concerned people aged over 65 (532 400 deaths, 87% of the EU total).

To compare countries, the absolute numbers of deaths across Member States need to be adjusted to the size and structure of the population.

At EU level, the rate of deaths from coronary heart diseases stood at 1 190 deaths per million inhabitants in 2016. This was a decrease of 14% from 1 390 deaths per million inhabitants in 2011.

Men died more often from coronary heart diseases than women, with 1 620 deaths per million men compared to 870 deaths per million women.

Standardised rate of deaths from coronary heart diseases in the EU, 2016


Death rate from coronary heart diseases highest in Lithuania, lowest in France 

With 5 610 deaths from heart attacks per million inhabitants, Lithuania registered the highest rate among the EU Member States in 2016. It was followed by Latvia (4 000 deaths per million inhabitants) and Hungary (3 670).

At the opposite end of the scale, the lowest rates were recorded in France (470 per million inhabitants), the Netherlands (580) and Spain (640).


Standardised rate of death from coronary heart diseases, 2016


In every EU Member State, the standardised rate of men dying from coronary heart diseases was higher than for women. Among the EU Member States, Lithuania recorded the highest gender gap with 2 950 more male than female deaths per million inhabitants from heart attacks. Lithuania was followed by Latvia (gap of 2 650 deaths per million inhabitants) and Estonia (1 740).


This news item marks World Heart Day (29 September).


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