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null A tribute to music – EU trade in musical instruments


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In 2018, the European Union's (EU) Member States exported musical instruments worth over €1.9 billion (including parts and accessories of such articles). Nearly two-thirds of these (€1.2 bn) were traded within the EU.


Germany accounts for a third of EU Member States' exports of musical instruments

Among the EU Member States, the three main exporters were Germany (€642 million of musical instruments exported last year, or 34% of the total EU Member States' exports), the Netherlands (€310 million, 16%) and France (€259 million, 14%). They were followed at a distance by Italy (€139 million, 7%), the United Kingdom (€129 million, 7%) and Belgium (€107 million, 6%).


A quarter of EU’s exports of musical instruments go to the United States

When exporting to non-EU countries (€668 million in 2018), EU musical instruments were mainly sent to the United States (€182 million, or 27% of the total extra-EU exports of musical instruments), ahead of Japan (€91 million, 14%), China (€88 million, 13%), Switzerland (€49 million, 7%), Hong Kong (€36 million, 5%), South Korea (€32 million, 5%), Norway (€28 million, 4%) and Russia (€23 million, 3%).


EU's imports of musical instruments come primarily from China

In 2018, Member States also imported musical instruments to the value of over €1.1 billion from non-EU countries. Almost all of these originated from only four countries: China (€453 million, 40%), the United States (€220 million, 19%), Indonesia (€218, 19%) and Japan (€116 million, 10%).


EU trade in musical instruments, 2018

The source dataset is accessible here.


This news item marks World Music Day (21 June).

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