EU trade in sparkling wine


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In 2017, 809 million litres of sparkling wine were exported by the European Union's (EU) Member States. 61% of these exports (494 million litres) went to other EU Member States.


EU trade in sparkling wine, 2017

The source dataset is accessible here.


Italy, France and Spain account for 91% of EU Member States' exports of sparkling wine

Italy (367 million litres of sparkling wine exported in 2017, or 45% of the total EU Member States exports), France (184 million litres, 23%) and Spain (183 million litres, also around 23%) were the main exporting Member States. They were followed at a distance by Germany (31 million litres, 4%) and Latvia (10 million litres, 1%).


EU's sparkling wine mainly sent to the United States

When exporting to non-EU countries (315 million litres in 2017), EU sparkling wine was mainly sent to the United States (127 million litres, or 40% of the total extra-EU exports of sparkling wine), ahead of Russia (32 million litres, 10%), Japan (26 million litres, 8%), Switzerland (20 million litres, 6%), Canada (14 million litres, 4%) and Australia (13 million litres, also around 4%).


EUˈs imports of sparkling wine mainly comes from Australia and South Africa

In 2017, Member States imported 7.4 million litres of sparkling wine from non-EU countries. Around half of these imports originated from two countries: Australia (1.9 million litres, 25%) and South Africa (1.7 million litres, 23%). Other important countries of origin were Chile (1.1 million litres, 15%), New Zealand (0.6 million litres, 8%), Argentina, the United States and Moldova (each 0.4 million litres, 5%).


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