Over 5 million tonnes of pasta produced in 2017!


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In 2017, 5.4 million tonnes of pasta were produced in the European Union (EU), worth €5.3 billion – this is 2 million tonnes (60%) more than ten years ago.

Unsurprisingly, Italy was by far the leading EU Member State in pasta production. With 3.6 million tonnes of pasta produced last year, worth €3.5 billion, Italy accounted for 67% of the total EU production in terms of both volume and value. Italy was also by far the top EU exporter of pasta (1.8 million tonnes exported, representing 76% of the EU Member States total).

Infographic: Pasta production and trade 2017


In total, almost 2.4 million tonnes of pasta were exported by EU Member States in 2017 and two-thirds (67%) of this amount was to other EU Member States.

The two main importing EU Member States were Germany (363 000 tonnes of pasta imported in 2017, representing 25% of total EU Member States' imports) and France (337 000 tonnes, 23%).

The top two destinations for EU exports of pasta outside the EU in 2017 were the United States (167 000 tonnes, equivalent to 21% of total extra-EU exports of pasta) and Japan (77 000 tonnes, 10%).

Note: the figures refer to uncooked pasta, not stuffed or otherwise prepared.

This news item marks World Pasta today. More information on statistics on production can be found here and on international trade in goods and services here.

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