31% of 25-64 year olds achieved tertiary level study


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Tertiary education (ISCED levels 5-8) builds on secondary education - it is offered by universities, vocational establishments, institutes of technology and other institutions that award academic degrees and/or professional certificates.

In 2017, almost one third (31 %) of the European Union (EU) working-age population possessed a tertiary level of educational attainment. This was 8 percentage points higher than the corresponding share from a decade earlier and almost 1 point higher than a year before.

At the regional level, there were eleven NUTS level 2 regions where the majority of the population aged 25-64 had a tertiary level of educational attainment. Four of the top five regions were in the United Kingdom, with "Inner London – West" having the highest share of the working-age population (71 %). The region "Prov. Brabant Wallon", close to Brussels, was also among the top five, with 57 % possessing a tertiary level qualification.

Infographic: top 5 regions for tertiary educational attainment

The figures for all NUTS 2 level regions can be accessed here.

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