Is your city clean enough?


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“Generally speaking, please tell me if you are very satisfied, rather satisfied, rather unsatisfied or not at all satisfied with cleanliness of your city?" This was the question asked to the inhabitants of 109 European cities in 2015.


Ventspils heads the 109 cities surveyed

Among these cities, Ventspils in Latvia came on top with virtually all (99%) of its inhabitants responding that they were very or rather satisfied with the cleanliness of their city. Ventspils was followed by another Latvian city Valmiera (97%), Oviedo in Spain and the city of Luxembourg (both 95%).

The information for this news item is based on perception survey indicators produced by the European Commission.


Satisfaction with cleanliness in your city


Among EU capitals: inhabitants of Luxembourg and Vienna most satisfied

With regard to the EU’s capital cities, the results show significant disparities of satisfaction, with levels ranging from 9% to 95%.

At least 80% of inhabitants were very or rather satisfied with the cleanliness of their city in Luxembourg (95%), Vienna (90%), Ljubljana (88%), Riga (81%) and Helsinki (80%).

In contrast, only 9% of inhabitants in Rome found their city clean enough. Less than half of the population was satisfied with cleanliness of their city also in Bratislava (28%), Sofia (29%), Bucharest (37%), Madrid (38%), Budapest (39%), Athens (41%), Berlin (45%), Brussels (47%) and Paris (49%).


Satisfaction with cleanliness in EU capitals

The source dataset can be found here


This news item marks the start of the EU Green week (21-25 May).