Who nose where Valentine's Day perfumes come from?


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The EU is a net exporter of perfume. In the first 10 months of 2017, the EU exported perfume worth €4.6 bn to non-EU countries, and imported far less — €0.8 bn — from outside the EU. EU Member States exported a similar amount (perfume worth €4.8 bn) within the EU.

France: main exporter

France was the top EU exporter of perfume. It exported perfume worth €1.8 bn to non-EU countries in the first 10 months of 2017, or 40% of the total extra-EU exports of perfume. France was followed by Spain (€0.8 bn, 11%), Germany (€0.7 bn, 16%) and Italy (€0.5 bn, 11%).

EU's perfume sent mainly to the USA

When exporting to non-EU countries (€4.6 bn in the period January-October 2017), EU perfume was sent primarily to the USA (€0.9 bn, or 20% of the total extra-EU exports of perfume), ahead of the United Arab Emirates (€0.4 bn, 8%), Russia (€0.4 bn, 8%), Switzerland (€0.3 bn, 6%) and Singapore (€0.2 bn, 5%).

The Netherlands: main importer

The Netherlands was the top importer of perfume from outside the EU. It imported perfume worth over €0.2 bn from non-EU countries in January-October 2017, or 25% of the total EU imports of perfume. Other major importers were Germany and the United Kingdom (under €0.2 bn, 20% each), followed by France (under €0.1 bn, 12%) and Belgium (under €0.1 bn, 10%).

EU's imports of perfume come primarily from the USA and Switzerland

In the first 10 months of 2017, Member States imported perfume worth €0.8 bn from non-EU countries. Most of these imports originated from the USA (€0.3 bn, 38%) and Switzerland (€0.3 bn, 37%). The next largest share of imports from non-EU countries was from China (€51 million, 6%), followed by the United Arab Emirates (€35 million, 4%), Singapore (€34 million, 4%) and Turkey (€32 million, 4%).


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