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Being connected while on the go is increasingly important in business. More and more enterprises are equipping staff with mobile phones, tablets or laptops, enabling them to connect to the internet for business purposes when they are not in the office.

In 2019, more than two thirds (68%) of the enterprises in the European Union provided mobile devices with access to the internet to staff. In 36% of EU enterprises, more than a fifth of the staff were provided with such devices.

Almost all enterprises provided mobile devices with internet connection to staff in the Nordic countries Finland (96%), Denmark (92%) and Sweden (87%). This share was 80% or more also in Croatia, Lithuania (both 86%), Czechia, Slovenia (both 83%), Estonia and Austria (both 80%). In contrast, only 46% of the enterprises in Bulgaria provided such mobile devices with internet connection to any of their staff in 2019. This share was 60% or less also in Greece (56%), Romania (58%) and the United Kingdom (60%).

Eurostat has just released fresh 2019 data for the Community survey on ICT usage and e-commerce in enterprises, covering use of Information and Telecommunication Technologies in European enterprises; the full data from the survey is available here.


Graph: Enterprises that provide mobile devices to connect to the internet to staff, for business purposes

The source dataset can be found here.


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