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Occupancy of tourist accommodations in the European Union (EU) shows clear seasonal bias.

In 2018, arrivals in tourist accommodation peaked in August with 2.6 times higher number of arrivals than those in January, the slowest month. August was clearly also the peak month for nights spent with 3.5 times higher number than in January.


Monthly distribution of the total number of arrivals and nights spent in tourist accommodation establishments, EU-28, 2018 (%)

The source dataset is accessible here (arrivals) and here (nights).


The seasonal variation in 2018 was above the EU average in 13 countries, with the typical Mediterranean destinations of Bulgaria, Greece, Croatia, as well as Montenegro, being on top.

In contrast, Czechia, Germany, Estonia, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, Finland, as well as Kosovo showed the lowest seasonal variation in 2018.

A particular phenomenon leading to lower seasonality was observed in the Alpine countries: Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. In addition to a peak season during the summer months, these countries had a second peak season during the winter months.


Monthly distribution of nights spent in tourist accommodation establishments (bimodal pattern with summer and winter peak), 2018

The source dataset is accessible here.


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