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null Large differences in share of caesarean births


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In 2017, caesarean sections, in other words, the delivery of one or more babies through an incision in a mother’s abdomen and uterus, were performed at least 1.4 million times in the EU.

Caesareans were most frequent in Cyprus (54.8 % of all live births in 2017), followed by Romania (44.1%), Bulgaria (43.1%), Poland (39.3%) and Hungary (37.3%), and the least in Finland (16.5%), Sweden (16.6%), Estonia and Lithuania (both 19.4%) and France (19.7%).

Infographic: Caesarean births in the EU Member States, 2017

The source dataset can be found here and here.

For other indicators on caesareans, see the Statistics Explained article Surgical operations and procedures statistics.


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