A high level of education within cultural employment


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The share of people in the EU working in the field of culture that had a tertiary level of educational attainment (59%) was considerably higher than the average recorded for the whole economy (35%). In 2018, in 24 of the EU Member States, more than half of all people in cultural employment had a tertiary level of education, with the highest shares in Cyprus (77.5%), Luxembourg 74.5%), Belgium (73.2%) and Spain (71.4%).

In four other countries (Romania, Czechia, Malta and Italy), the share was within the range of 45-50%.

Graph: Share of people with a tertiary level of educational attainment in cultural employment and total employment, 2018 (%)


Read more about cultural employment in the Statistics Explained article Culture statistics – cultural employment. This article is part of a publication on Culture statistics: in form of Statistics Explained articles released today and as a pdf/paper publication to be released later in October 2019.

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