Outbound trips of EU residents: 22% were package trips


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Among the around 1 billion trips made by EU* residents in 2017, 9% were package trips, meaning that at least transport and accommodation, or one of these together with another essential tourism service, were booked through a tour operator or a travel agency. This method of booking trips was more common for outbound trips (22% of all outbound trips), than for domestic trips (4%).

Independently of whether the trip was a package trip or not, EU tourists also often used tour operators or travel agencies to book transport or accommodation for their trips. These were most often used for booking transport for outbound trips (34% of all outbound trips), followed by transport for business trips (30%). Booking accommodation through a tour operator or a travel agency was also most common for outbound trips (28%) and business trips (18%).

Comparing 2017 with 2014, there was an increase of 7% in the total number of trips, while the number of package trips remained stable.

* EU excluding the UK since data not available

Infographic: Use of a travel agency to book

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