Russia-EU trade in goods: €83 billion deficit


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Russia was the EU's 3rd largest partner for imports (8% of total extra-EU imports) and the 4th largest for EU exports (4% of total extra-EU exports) in 2018.


Graph illustrating the trade balance between the EU and Russia from 2008 until 2018

Between 2008 and 2018, the EU ran a trade deficit with Russia (meaning that it imported more than it exported). This trade deficit was highest in 2011 at €93 billion and lowest in 2016 at €46 billion. In 2018, the EU’s trade deficit with Russia was €83 billion.

Infographic illustrating the trade balance between the EU and Russia in 2018


EU exports to Russia were dominated by "machinery and vehicles", "chemicals" and "other manufactured products", which together accounted for 90% of EU exports to Russia. EU imports from Russia were dominated by primary goods (72%), mainly "energy", "raw materials", and "food and drink". At a more detailed level, "medicaments" were the EU’s most exported product to Russia, while the most imported product from Russia were "petroleum oils, crude".

Germany: main trader with Russia among the Member States

Among the Member States, Germany was both the largest importer of goods from Russia (€33 billion), and the largest exporter to Russia (€26 billion) in 2018.

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