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In 2016, government expenditure on transport amounted to 1.9 % of GDP, below the figure of 2.0 %  for 2015.

Government expenditure on transport includes expenditure on administration, regulation, construction and maintenance of the transport infrastructure (including road, water, railway and air transport as well as any infrastructure for the transport of goods such as pipelines). It also includes the operation of public transport corporations classified with the general government sector and any subsidies or investment grants to market producers to operate public transport.

The highest percentage of government expenditure on transport in 2016 was in Luxembourg (3.7 % of GDP), Hungary and the Czech Republic (both 3.5 %). In contrast, the three Member States with the lowest percentage of government expenditure on transport in 2016 were Cyprus (0.6 %), Ireland (1.1 %) and Malta (1.2 %).

Bar chart of government expenditure on transport 2016

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