Half of EU imports from Norway are energy products


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Logo Statistics ExplainedNorway was the EU's 5th largest partner for imports in 2017 (4 % of total extra-EU imports) and the 7th largest for EU exports (3 % of total extra-EU exports).

Graph: The position of Norway among the EU's main partners, 2017

The EU ran a trade deficit (meaning that it imported more than it exported) with Norway from 2008 to 2017, amounting to EUR 27 billion in 2017.

Graph: Imports, exports and trade balance between the EU and Norway, 2008-2017

EU exports to Norway were dominated by "machinery and vehicles", "chemicals" and "other manufactured goods", which together accounted for 80 % of EU exports to Norway. "Energy products" made up 52 % of EU imports from Norway. At a more detailed level, "cars" were the EU’s most exported product to Norway, while "petroleum oil" was the main product imported into the EU from Norway.

The United Kingdom and Sweden: main traders with Norway among the Member States

Among the Member States, the United Kingdom (EUR 21 billion) was the largest importer from Norway and Sweden (EUR 14 billion) was the largest exporter to Norway in 2017. Further information is provided in the Statistics Explained article Norway-EU - international trade in goods statistics.

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