A third of EU’s high-tech product imports come from China


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Logo Statistics ExplainedHigh-tech products, such as aerospace equipment, electronic-telecommunications equipment, pharmacy products, scientific instruments etc. represent around 19 % of total EU imports and 18 % of total EU exports with countries outside the EU.

In 2017, the EU imported most of its high-tech products from China (34% of total EU imports of these products from outside the EU), the United States (27%) and Switzerland (6%). Regarding exports, the partners are the same, but in a different order.

Most exports went to the United States (25% of total EU exports of these products to outside the EU), followed by China (12%) and Switzerland (6%).

For more information see the Statistics Explained article Production and international trade in high-tech products.


Imports of high-tech products


Exports of high-tech products

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