Around 30 % of foreign citizens in the EU own their home


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Logo Statistics ExplainedIn 2016, three out of every ten (30.1 %) foreign citizens in the EU owned their home.

This rate was much lower than among nationals, 70.6 % of whom owned their home. The highest home ownership rate among foreign citizens was recorded in Lithuania (88.0 %), followed by Estonia (85.4 %) and Croatia (82.4 %), while the lowest rate was observed in Slovenia (19.1 %), Austria (19.9 %) and Italy (20.7 %). Among nationals, the highest rates were observed in Romania (95.6 %), Croatia and Lithuania (both 89.9 %) and Slovakia (89.5 %), and the lowest in Germany (49.8 %), Denmark (58.6 %), Austria (62.0 %) and France (63.4 %).

Home ownership rates were lower for foreign citizens than for nationals in all Member States, except Estonia, where the share of foreign citizens who owned homes (85.4 %) outnumbered nationals (81.0 %). In contrast, the home ownership rate for nationals was at least three times as high as that for foreign citizens in Austria, Greece and Italy, rising to four times as high in Slovenia.

Further information is provided in the Statistics Explained article Migrant integration statistics – housing.


Share of national and foreign citizens owning their dwelling, 2016 (%)


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