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null 2.3% of EU employees have a precarious job


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2.3% of the employees in the EU had a precarious job in 2016, meaning that the work contract did not exceed three months duration.

The share of precarious employment has remained relatively stable over the last 10 years, varying between 2.0% (in 2009) and 2.3%. Precarious work contracts are most common in agriculture, forestry and fisheries affecting 8.1% of the employees in the sector.

Share of precarious employment highest in Croatia

Among the EU Member States, the share of precarious employment was highest in Croatia (8.4%), followed at a distance by France (4.8%), Spain (4.7%), Poland and Slovenia (both 4.5%).

Short work contracts were less common in Romania (0.2%), the United Kingdom and the Czech Republic (both 0.4%), as well as Germany (0.5%).


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