United States main EU partner for agricultural products


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The total value of imports and exports of agricultural products between the EU and the rest of the world was EUR 263 billion in 2016.

Agricultural products can be divided into three product categories: vegetables (trees, plants, vegetables, fruit, coffee, cereals, seeds and oilfoodstuffs (various types of processed goods deriving from vegetable and animal products such as sugar, beverages, tobacco and prepared animal fodder) and animal products (live animals, meat, fish, crustaceans, dairy produce, eggs, honey etc.).

Foodstuffs made up 54 % of EU exports of agricultural products in 2016, vegetables 25 % and animal products 21 %. Vegetables made up 51 % of EU imports of agricultural products, foodstuffs 29 % and animal products 20 %.

The main recipient of EU exports of agricultural products in 2016 was the United States (16 % of total EU exports of agricultural products), followed by China (8 %) and Switzerland (6 %). For EU imports of agricultural products, Brazil and the United States (9 % each of total EU imports of agricultural products) were the biggest partners, followed by Norway, Argentina and China (5 % each).

Further information is provided in the Statistics Explained article Extra-EU trade in agricultural goods.


Extra-EU exports and imports of agricultural products, 2016