EU industrial production growth rates compared


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Between 2010 and 2016, the volume of industrial production increased by 5.6% in the European Union (EU). However, significant growth differences across different sectors exist (see graph below).


Highest growth for manufacture of motor vehicles and pharmaceutical products

With a 29.7% rise, the highest increase in industrial production was recorded for the sector "Manufacture of motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers". "Manufacture of basic pharmaceutical products and pharmaceutical preparations" (+23.0%), "Other manufacturing", which mainly covers manufacture of medical and dental instruments and supplies (+20.7%), "Manufacture of other transport equipment" (+19.9%) and "Manufacture of computer, electronic and optical products" (+13.7%) also registered a two-digit increase over this time-period.


Largest decrease for manufacture of tobacco products and mining of coal and lignite

In contrast, the largest decrease in industrial production was recorded for "Manufacture of tobacco products" (-40.3%), followed by "Mining of coal and lignite" (-36.0%), "Extraction of crude petroleum and natural gas" (-30.4%), "Manufacture of wearing apparel" (-17.1%) and "Printing and reproduction of recorded media" (-13.5%).


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