Power from Statistics; Data, Information and Knowledge


The joint Eurostat and European Political Strategy Centre Power from Statistics; Data, Information and Knowledge” project brings together representatives of various groups, such as industry leaders, academics, think-tank experts, national and European policymakers and official statisticians. Discussions revolve around the future information needs for informing policies and how the European official statistics community can meet these needs.

In a first phase, five round table events have been organised on five different topics: 'migration', 'globalisation', 'new economic and business models', 'sustainability', and 'science, statistics and society'. The outcomes of these discussions will be compiled in a dedicated 'Outlook Report' and will be further discussed at a high-level conference “Power from Statistics; Data, Information and Knowledge” in Brussels, on October 18-19.

You can read about the first three round table events here: Migration, Globalisation, New economic & business models. Reports on the final two discussion rounds will be published on the conference website in the near future.