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Formal child care by duration and age group

Children cared for as a percentage of all children in the same age group
As formal arrangements are considered four types of childcare and education:

Education at pre-school, Education at compulsory school, Childcare at centre-based services outside school hours (before/after) and

Childcare at day-care centre. Therefore, formal arrangements include all kind of care organised/controlled by a structure (public, private). Care provided by childminders without any structure between the carer and the parents (direct arrangements) have been excluded from the definition of "formal care" in order to take into account only childcare recognised as fulfilling certain quality patterns. The duration refers to average number of hours during a usual week. This information is collected from EU-SILC.

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Code: tps00185
Last update: 02/09/19
Oldest data: 2006
Most recent data: 2017
Number of values: 2533
Themes: Population and social conditions