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Gross fixed capital formation by asset (AN_F6) - percentage change Q/Q-1

Seasonally and calendar adjusted data
Gross fixed capital formation (GFCF, ESA 2010, 3.124) consists of resident producers' acquisitions, less disposals, of fixed assets during a given period plus certain additions to the value of non-produced assets realised by the productive activity of producer or institutional units. GFCF includes acquisition less disposals of, e.g. buildings, structures, machinery and equipment, mineral exploration, computer software, literary or artistic originals and major improvements to land such as the clearance of forests. The ESA 2010 (European System of Accounts) regulation may be referred to for more specific explanations on methodology. Seasonally and calendar adjusted data (SCA).

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Code: teina042
Last update: 11/06/19
Oldest data: 2016Q2
Most recent data: 2019Q1
Number of values: 1813
Themes: General and regional statistics