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Turnover in services - index by NACE Rev. 2

The objective of the turnover index is to show the development of the market of services. Turnover comprises the totals invoiced by the observation unit during the reference period, and this corresponds to market sales of services supplied to third parties. Turnover also includes all other charges (transport, packaging, etc.) passed on to the customer, even if these charges are listed separately in the invoice. Turnover excludes VAT and other similar deductible taxes directly linked to turnover as well all duties and taxes on services invoiced by the unit. Service is defined as the Nace Rev.2 branches from G to N (except retail trade and repair). Depending of the countries, the index is compiled either as a Laspeyres type or either as a simple value relative. The current base year is 2015 (Index 2015 = 100). The index is presented in calendar and seasonally adjusted form. Growth rates with respect to the previous quarter (Q/Q-1) are calculated from seasonally and calendar adjusted figures while growth rates with respect to the same quarter of the previous year (Q/Q-4) are calculated from calendar adjusted figures.

Additional information

Code: teiis700
Last update: 01/10/22
Oldest data: 2019Q3
Most recent data: 2022Q2
Number of values: 6813
Themes: General and regional statistics