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Production in construction

The production in construction shows the output and activity of the construction sector. It measures changes in the volume of output on a monthly basis. Construction includes building construction and civil engineering. The construction sector in total corresponds to the NACE Rev. 2 section F but the split between building construction and civil engineering is based on the Classification of types of Construction (CC1, CC2). Production in construction is compiled as a "fixed base year Laspeyres type volume-index". The current base year is 2015 (Index 2015 = 100). The index is presented in calendar and seasonally adjusted form. Growth rates with respect to the previous month (M/M-1) are calculated from calendar and seasonally adjusted figures while growth rates with respect to the same month of the previous year (M/M-12) are calculated from calendar adjusted figures.

Additional information

Code: teiis500
Last update: 21/03/23
Oldest data: 2022M02
Most recent data: 2023M01
Number of values: 888
Themes: General and regional statistics