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Balance of payments, capital account, monthly data

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The Balance of Payments is the statistical statement that systematically summarises transactions between residents and non-residents. It consists of the goods and services account, the primary income account, the secondary income account, the capital account and the financial account (BPM6 – 2.12)
The capital account in the international accounts shows a) capital transfers receivable and payable between residents and nonresidents and b) the acquisition and disposal of nonproduced, nonfinancial assets between residents and nonresidents (BPM6- 13.1). The capital transfers are transfers in which the ownership of an asset (other than cash or inventories) changes from one party to another.
The sum of the balances on the current and capital accounts represents the net lending (surplus) or net borrowing (deficit) by the economy with the rest of the world (BPM6 – 2.18).

Source of euro area data: European Central Bank (ECB).

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Code: teibp020
Last update: 20/07/21
Oldest data: 2020M06
Most recent data: 2021M05
Number of values: 328
Themes: General and regional statistics