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Aquaculture production in tonnes and value

Total production of fish, crustaceans, molluscs and other aquatic organisms from aquaculture ("fish-farming") from 2008 onwards, excluding hatcheries and nurseries. The data are expressed in Tonnes Live Weight (TLW, incl. shells, skeletons, etc.), Euro and Euro/Tonne. Production data from hatcheries and nurseries can be found in the fish_aq2b, fish_aq4a and fish_aq4b tables. Older data (1950-2007), excluding production from hatcheries and nurseries, are contained in the "Aquaculture production until 2007 (fish_aq08)" database.

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Code: tag00075
Last update: 26/06/19
Oldest data: 2008
Most recent data: 2017
Number of values: 813
Themes: Agriculture, forestry and fisheries