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Whereas Prodcom only refers to production data, Europroms refers to the combination of production and external trade data.

  • The data is displayed by Prodcom heading, and the equivalent CN headings are aggregated to provide the data equivalent to the Prodcom heading.
  • The monthly trade is also aggregated to match the annual Prodcom statistics.
  • For individual countries the trade with all partners, both Intra & Extra, is aggregated to provide the total external trade for the country.
  • For EU totals, only Extra partners are aggregated, so that trade with the rest of the world is reported.

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Steel data

In the past, statistics on steel production were collected under the Treaty establishing the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC). When the Treaty expired at the end of 2002, Prodcom was used to collect the steel statistics.

In order to provide continuity, headings corresponding to the ECSC headings were introduced in parallel with the existing Prodcom headings for steel.

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