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Population: demography, population projections, census, asylum & migration – Overview


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What information is available?

This page serves as an entry point to the wide range of Eurostat statistics on population. The topic is split into different sections on the Eurostat website and their content is briefly outlined below:

  • Demography & migration 
    This section provides annual data on the total population, live births, deaths, marriages & divorces, immigration & emigration flows by various breakdowns (e.g. country of birth, citizenship, regional level) and demographic indicators (e.g. total fertility rates, life expectancy, median age, naturalisation rate). 
  • Population projections
    This section presents the latest population projections data released by Eurostat. Population projections are 'what-if scenario' that aim to show the hypothetically developments of the population size and its structure based on a sets of assumptions for fertility, mortality & net migration; they are presented for a long time period that covers more than a half-century (50 years).
  • Population & housing census 
    This section provides information on the population & housing stock of a given country at a very detailed geographical level. Latest data available through the Census hub are for 2011.
  • Asylum & managed migration 
    This section presents information on the number of asylum applicants & decisions on applications; residence permits; statistics on the enforcement of immigration legislation & children in migration.
  • Migrant integration
    This section provides information to gain insight into the integration of migrants in their host country by looking at aspects of employment, education, health, social inclusion & active citizenship.


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Have a look at our visualisation tools and compare your country for a selection of indicators. 

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With the visualisation tool 'Regions and cities illustrated' you can explore data on population and demographic changes for your region or city by using maps, graphs and bar charts.

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