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On 17 June 2020, the European Commission published the Report on the impact of demographic change that presents the drivers of demographic change and the impact they are having across the European Union.

The report helps identifying how people, regions and communities that are most affected can best be supported to adapt to changing realities. On the basis of this report, the Commission has engaged in a dialogue with relevant stakeholders, in particular at regional level, and discuss with Member States, EU institutions and bodies, notably the ‘European Economic and Social Committee’ and the ‘Committee of the Regions’.

factsheets on Demographic change in Europe

Complementing the report, Eurostat provides a set of country factsheets on the 27 Member States. Drawing on statistics produced by Eurostat, the factsheets present a carefully chosen selection of demographic and social statistics allowing a glimpse at individual Member State demographic figures.

We encourage you to have a look at the factsheets below to get an impression of the wealth of demographic and social statistics that you can find on the Eurostat website. Please also read the information on the statistics shown in the factsheet before. 

Data in the factsheets is from May 2020, more recent data is available in the database.



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