Births and fertility

The number of live births can be followed through a time series at national and regional level as well as at the level of EU, EFTA, EEA and Eurozone aggregates. The number of live births is available at national level by characteristics of the mothers (for example education, marital status, citizenship, country of birth) or of the child (sex and birth order), and at the regional level by the mother's age. Information on legally induced abortions in each country can also be found. Based on the distributions by mother's age, fertility rates and mean ages at childbirth and at first child are calculated. More on this subject

On the basis of the data collected Eurostat calculates:

  • Fertility indicators (available in database table demo_find and demo_r_frate2):
    • Total fertility rate at national and regional level
    • Crude birth rate
    • Mean age of women at childbirth
    • Mean age of women at birth of first child
    • Proportion of live births outside marriage
    • Share of live births of first, second, third and fourth (or higher) order