2011 Census Hub - Population and Housing census

2011 Census

The 2011 Census database is the result of a major joint effort by the European Statistical System (ESS) to better disseminate the results of the Population and Housing Censuses in Europe, providing users with  easy access to detailed census data that are structured in the same way and methodologically comparable between countries.

The new tool (the "Census Hub") constructed for data dissemination is based on the concept of data sharing, where National Statistical Institutes (NSIs) provide access to their data according to standard processes, formats and technologies while Eurostat provides the IT structure that allows users to quickly and flexibly specify, compile and extract data stored in the different national census databases. NSIs remain 'proprietors' of the data and keep complete control over them. In addition, the Census Hub data are validated by the NSIs and are not re-validated by Eurostat. In the case of revisions or updates, NSIs need to upload the new data in their own system instead of sending a complete new data set to Eurostat.

It should be noted that the census data disseminated here are not microdata; they are aggregated data structured according to the tables agreed with Member States and defined in the legal implementing rules for the census.

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