Regional accounts - National accounts

Regional accounts

Regional accounts are a regional specification of the corresponding accounts of the national economy. Regional accounts provide a regional breakdown for major aggregates, such as gross value added (GVA) and household income.

Overall, regional accounts use the same concepts as national accounts. However, due to conceptual and measurement limitations at regional level, regional accounts are not calculated for the expenditure approach as industry detail is more limited. Sector accounts are only calculated for the household sector.

Regional data are classified according to the 'Nomenclature of territorial units for statistics' (NUTS), all variables are available broken down by NUTS 2 and a sub-set is available by NUTS 3,  and according to the 'Statistical Classification of Economic Activities in the European Community' (NACE) by 10 economic activities.

Release and revision policy

New and revised figures for previous years for GDP, GVA and population are published by Eurostat on the day of its annual press release (usually in February/March). For the other variables, data are published shortly after the press release. Revisions of regional accounts figures follow the revision policy of national data.

Historical releases dataset

A collection of the underlying data used in the latest 6 regional Gross Domestic Product (GDP) press releases, from years 2015-2020 including data from 2000 onwards according to NUTS 2016, is available here. The data was prepared for the purpose of performing revision analysis and offering users historical data which might not be available in NUTS 2016.

Sources of employment data

A variety of sources is used among the Member States as far the compilation of the regional employment data based on ESA 2010 framework. In order to formulate the situation and make it more comprehensible for the users, Eurostat invited the compilers of the data to provide separate definition for each NACE category. The main results of the gathered information are available here.

Regional accounts inventory

A detailed documentation of data sources and methods used for the compilation and calculation of regional accounts gross value added (GVA) by regions based on ESA 2010 requirements is available for: Belgium, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland and Sweden.



Data availability

Data cover in general the reference period from 2000 to the actual calendar year minus 2 years (t-2) for total GVA, GDP and employment and minus 3 years (t-3) for other variables.

Whenever a new NUTS classification is introduced, Member States have a period of two years, after the first data transmission using the new NUTS classification, to provide historical series.

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