Overview - NACE Rev. 2


NACE Rev. 2 - Statistical classification of economic activities

In 2002, a major revision of NACE was launched. The Regulation establishing NACE Rev. 2 was adopted in December 2006. It includes provisions for the implementation of NACE Rev. 2 and coordinated transition from NACE Rev. 1.1 to NACE Rev. 2 in various statistical domains. NACE Rev. 2 is to be used, in general, for statistics referring to economic activities performed as from 1 January 2008 onwards.

While some of the rules for the application of NACE have been changed, criteria for construction of the classification, as well as the formulation of explanatory notes, have been reviewed, however, the overall characteristics of NACE remain unchanged.

New concepts at the highest level of the classification have been introduced, and new detail has been created to reflect different forms of production and emerging new industries. At the same time, efforts have been made to maintain the structure of the classification in all areas that do not explicitly require change based on new concepts.

The detail of the classification has substantially increased (from 514 to 615 classes). For service-producing activities, this increase is visible at all levels, including the highest one, while for other activities, such as agriculture, the increase in detail affected mostly the lower level of the classification.

General information

Since NACE Rev. 2 is more detailed than NACE Rev. 1.1 but the system of codification used is similar, the same codes can be used in both codifications but corresponding to different classes, groups, divisions or sections.

As a consequence, the same database table could not be used to provide information according NACE Rev. 1.1 and Rev. 2. Therefore, each domain will have new tables with NACE Rev. 2 data which will be a duplicate of the existing table using NACE Rev. 1 or Rev. 1.1. In each domain these tables will start with the first data transmission of data according to NACE Rev. 2 and wherever back-casting or double reporting is foreseen, these tables will overlap with their "twin" table using previous versions of NACE. The reference metadata files in ESMS will provide specific information for each domain or specific table.