Harmonised European Time Use Survey - Access to microdata

Harmonised European Time Use Surveys

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Description of the dataset

The Harmonised European Time Use Surveys (HETUS) are national surveys conducted in European countries to quantify how much time people spend on various activities, including paid work, household chores and family care, personal care, voluntary work, social life, travel and leisure.

So far, there have been 2 rounds of Harmonised European Time Use Surveys: HETUS 2000 (round 1, 1998-2006; conducted in 15 European countries) and HETUS 2010 (round 2, 2008-2015; conducted in 18 European countries). Microdata for researchers in the format of Scientific Use Files (SUFs) are available for 17 countries participating in HETUS 2010 (round 2).

The next round of HETUS is scheduled for 2020 (reference year); in reality, many countries have not yet decided whether they will conduct a survey for this next HETUS round 3 later in 2021, 2022 or even in 2023.

Participating countries follow methodological guidelines for the HETUS 2000, 2010 and 2020 rounds, using standardised survey designs and statistical classifications as far as possible. Although there have been continuous efforts towards harmonisation, differences remain. The surveys vary between countries in terms of frequency, timing, content and structure.

Background information for researchers

The HETUS scientific use files consist of three groups of data:

  • Households: variables concerning the household as a whole
  • Individuals: variables concerning the individual household members
  • Time use variables: variables describing the activities of the individuals during a diary day in 10 minute time slots

The files are available for reference year 2010 (i.e. HETUS round 2010 for which the individual national surveys were conducted 2008-2015). The following countries are included:

AT, BE, DE, EE, EL, ES, FI, FR, HU, IT, LU, NL, PL, RO, UK, NO, RS. 

Scientific use files are party anonymised to prevent easy identification of individual persons.

Further details:

HETUS domain on the Eurostat website