Micro-Moment Dataset

Linked micro-aggregated data on ICT usage, innovation and economic performance in enterprises

Description of dataset

Micro-Moments Dataset (MMD) is a product of the Eurostat-funded projects that ran from 2010 to 2013 on linking statistical data from different sources to derive measures of the impact of ICT and innovation on business performance and productivity.

MMD is unique in enabling studies of the economic impact of ICT at company level to be compared across a large sample of European countries. The micro-aggregated harmonized industry-level data relates ICT and innovation variables to economic performance and characteristics indicators on a comparable basis across industry groups and countries. This allows ICT use data to be combined with other aggregate economic data on productivity and growth analysis (e.g. EU KLEMS).

Data sources

The variables for the linked data sets came from 4 main data sources:

(1) the Survey on ICT Usage & e-Commerce in Enterprises  - a set of variables relating to firms' ICT usage

(2) the Community Innovation Survey (CIS)  - a set of innovation variables

(3) the Business Register and (4) Structural Business Survey - a set of variables describing the economic characteristics and performance of firms. For some countries, a few economic performance variables were not found in a typical business register or structural business survey and were linked in from other sources: surveys in skills, international sourcing, ICT investment and innovation.


The following countries' data are available via Eurostat's Safe centre in Luxembourg: Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, Sweden and the UK.

The years covered by the datasets vary from one country to another and are subject mainly to the availability of the CIS and Survey on ICT Usage and e-Commerce in Enterprises data. The longest period is 2000-2010 (depending on the country and the variable).

Data format

MMD is available for the use of researchers in a form of cross-country datasets containing indicators of underlying distributions and correlations. The data sets are provided in CSV format.

The aggregated version of MMD is publicly available at the Digital economy and society dedicated section. Please note that it contains only information about 5 large groups of sectors:

  • electrical machinery
  • post & communication services
  • manufacturing (other than electrical)
  • other production
  • market services (excluding post & telecommunications)
  • non-market services.