A wide range of statistical classifications or nomenclatures is used at European level. The application of specific classifications depends on the statistical domain or data collection.

What is a statistical classification or nomenclature?

A statistical classification or nomenclature is an exhaustive and structured set of mutually exclusive and well-described categories, often presented in a hierarchy that is reflected by the numeric or alphabetical codes assigned to them, used to standardise concepts and compile statistical data.

How are they used?

Some classifications are used in a multidisciplinary manner, i.e. in different statistical domains, such as the NACE (statistical classification of economic activities), while other classifications are very closely related to their domain, like the European Shortlist for Causes of Death.

Eurostat and the EU Member States use these classifications and the classification(s) to be applied is specified in regulations or gentlemen's agreements for each data collection. This procedure ensures that data is comparable between EU Member States. However, for national publications, EU Member States may use a different, nationally adapted version of a classification.

Links to classifications & nomenclatures

RAMON, Eurostat's metadata server

Offers a full list of all of statistical classifications and their structure and categories.

Statistics explained: Overview of Nomenclatures

Offers a more content orientated view and provides a short description on the content of each statistical classification.

CPA Ver. 2.1 - Statistical classification of products by activity

The CPA is the classification of products (goods as well as services) at the level of the European Union (EU). Product classifications are designed to categorize products that have common characteristics. They provide the basis for collecting and calculating statistics on the production, distributive trade, consumption, international trade and transport of such products.


The Geonomenclature (GEONOM), covers the 'Nomenclature of Countries and Territories for the External Trade Statistics of the Community and Statistics of Trade between Member States' and is the terminology used for compiling international trade statistics.

NACE Rev. 2 - Statistical classification of economic activities

NACE is the nomenclature of economic activities in the European Union (EU). NACE Rev. 2 is used, in general, for statistics referring to economic activities performed as from 1 January 2008 onwards.

The statistical classification of regions in the European Union

The NUTS classification is the common statistical classification of territorial units in order to enable the collection, compilation and dissemination of harmonized regional statistics of the Union.