Primary data 2018

LUCAS 2018 Survey

The LUCAS 2018 survey started in March 2018 and its results will be made available in 2019.

Information on LUCAS DMT 2018

LUCAS DMT is a specialised software with restricted access, used to manage the data collected in the LUCAS survey. Demo videos in .wmv format are available on this page.

Should you have problems to view them, please check that you have suitable software on your computer to watch this type of format.

LUCAS 2018 Survey documentation

Ref. No. Document Version date
B4 08/06/2017
C1 20/02/2018
C2 21/02/2018
C3 08/12/2017
C4 08/12/2017
C5 20/02/2018
C6 20/02/2018
D1 17/05/2018